Double-Head CNC Aluminum Cutting Machine

Double-Head CNC Aluminum Cutting Machine

Model: LJB2B-CNC-500×6000

1. The double-head CNC aluminum cutting machine adopts European model, coming with attractive appearance.
2. To ensure the repositioning accuracy, the closed-loop system is installed for the control system.
3. The sawblade is connected to the imported motor directly.
4. For smooth cutting effect, the aluminum cutting equipment comes with air driven hydraulic damper cylinder to drive the blade for smooth cutting edge.
5. Produced with servo motor to drive the speed reducer, the double-head CNC aluminum cutting machine is able to achieve cutting angles from 45° to 157.5°.
6. It supports external data input due to the employment of the high quality control computer.
7. The size required for the material can be input into the computer at one time, realizing various lengths cutting continuously.
8. The movable cutting head for the CNC aluminum cutter is driven by the synchronous belt, which is driven by a servo motor. It offers fast moving speed and is closed-loop controlled, resulting in high cutting length repetition precision.
9. Engineered with follow-up saw protection shield, the aluminum machining equipment provides safe and clean working environment.
10. Manufactured with movable material-supporting bracket, the double-head cutting machine requires small space for installation.
11. Each cutting head comes with 3 air cylinders for clamping aluminum alloy extrusions.
12. The double-head CNC aluminum cutting machine can finish the ultra short and ultra long material cutting operation automatically.
13. Users can select the barcode printer to build digital factory system.

Specifications of Double-Head CNC Aluminum Cutting Machine

Power supply 380V 50Hz
Cutting motor power, speed 2 ×2.2 Kw 2800 r/min
Servo motor power, speed 3 ×0.68Kw 4050r/min
Operation pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Air consumption 60L /min
Sawblade size φ500 ×φ30 ×4.4 Z= 120 mm
Sawblade feeding speed 0-3m/min
Cutting head movement speed range 0 ~ 20m /min
Cutting length max 6000mm min 360mm at 90 º max 6000mm min 760mm at 45 º
Cutting width 120mm
Cutting height 230mm
Cutting angle 45 º~157.5 º
Cutting-length-repetition tolerance ±0.2mm
Aluminium (alloy) extrusion flatness ≤0.10mm
Cutting angle tolerance ±5 '
Aluminium (alloy) extrusion surface roughness Ra12.5 μm
Dimension 7800mm ×1500mm ×2040mm
Weight 2500kg

Jinan Tianchen is a specialized double-head CNC aluminum cutting machine manufacturer in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including a multi-angle aluminum cutting machine, four miter CNC corner crimping machine, wood processing center, and aluminum profile tenon milling machine, among others.

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