Single Miter Cutting Machine

Single Miter Cutting Machine

Model: LJZⅡ-350

This single miter cutting machine is ideal for 0º to 135º cutting for aluminium window and door extrusions. The cutting saw is fed by manual method.

Technical Parameters of Single Miter Cutting Machine

Power supply 380V 50Hz
Operation pressure 0.5 ~0.8Mpa
Air consumption 10L /min
Motor power 1.1KW
Motor speed 2840r/min
Cutting width × height Square Pipe: 90 ×90mm
Rectangle Pipe: 200 ×50mm
Sawblade size φ350 ×φ30 ×3.2 ×Z120
Sawblade feeding method Manual
Main machine size 700 ×900 ×1250mm
External dimension 6600 ×900 ×1250mm
Weight 280Kg

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