Multi-Angle Aluminum Cutting Machine

Multi-Angle Aluminum Cutting Machine

Model: LJX-500

LJX-500 multi-angle aluminum cutting machine is suitable for cutting and processing of aluminium curtain wall extrusions and roof vent extrusions. Equipped with Italy's high precision electrical motor for sawblade driving, the aluminum cutting equipment offers high precision and high efficient operation. Meanwhile, an accurate digital display system is available to show the cutting angle. Through a worm gear system, the cutting machine allows its sawblade to swing at angles from +60º to -60º.

High standard configuration makes the equipment easy for operation and also convenient for maintenance.

Technical Specifications of Multi-Angle Aluminum Cutting Machine

Power supply 380V 50Hz
Operation pressure 0.5 ~0.8Mpa
Cutting width (square tube W ×H) 90 ×90mm
Motor power 2.2KW
Motor speed 2830r/min
Sawblade size φ500 ×φ30 ×4.4 ×Z120
Sawblade swayable angle -60 º to +60 º
Cutting depth 200mm
Sawblade feeding method Manual
Air consumption 10L /min
Dimension 2000 ×1280 ×1600mm
Weight 800Kg

As a specialized multi-angle aluminum cutting machine manufacturer in China, Jinan Tianchen also provides double-head CNC aluminum cutting machine, aluminum profile tenon milling machine, wood processing center, high speed 4-axis CNC processing center, and other process machinery.

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