Aluminum Cutting Machine

  • Double-Head CNC Aluminum Cutting Machine Engineered with follow-up saw protection shield, the aluminum machining equipment provides safe and clean working environment.
    Manufactured with movable material-supporting bracket, the double-head cutting machine ...
  • Precision Double-Head CNC Aluminum Cutting Machine Driven by synchronous belt, the cutting head comes with imported servo motor and is closed-loop controlled. It offers high-speed and high precision cutting performance.
    Safe and reliable, the follow-up saw protection shield effectively protects workers from being injured.
  • Double Head Precision Aluminum Door Window Cutting Machine An automatic inductive, middle-positioned material supporting bracket helps guarantee accurate extrusion positioning and convenient material clamping.
    An automatic inductive, middle-positioned material supporting bracket helps guarantee accurate ...
  • Single Head CNC Aluminum Cutting Machine Utilizing Germany CNC system, the cutting head of the single head aluminum cutting tool can rotate freely from 45° to 157.5° via a high accuracy reducer. This range of precision aluminum cutter is applicable for batch production due to the employment of the auto-feeding ...
  • Multi-Angle Aluminum Cutting Machine LJX-500 multi-angle aluminum cutting machine is suitable for cutting and processing of aluminium curtain wall extrusions and roof vent extrusions. Equipped with Italy's high precision electrical motor for sawblade driving, the aluminum cutting equipment offers high precision and high efficient operation.
  • Single Head Cutting Machine It supports machining for aluminum extrusions with large section areas. So our product has wide applications.
    The closed saw protection shield, together with the pressing device, makes for safe ...
  • Single Miter Cutting Machine This single miter cutting machine is ideal for 0º to 135º cutting for aluminium window and door extrusions. The cutting saw is fed by manual method.
  • Single Head Aluminum Cutting Machine Characterized by easy operation and convenient maintenance, our single head aluminum cutting machine is mainly used for cutting curtain walls. It comes with sawblade made of hard alloy. The high working efficiency improves the productivity, to the greatest extent.
  • 5-Axis CNC Double Head Aluminum SawThe two cutting heads are driven by CNC system, to conduct horizontal and vertical aluminum profile cutting at the angle from 45° to 135°, and 45° to 90°, respectively, realizing two dimensional angle cutting.
  • Glazing Bead Saw Apart from the linear ball bearing, the convenient positioning device ensures high efficiency and excellent processing quality of the glazing bead saw.
    Our glazing bead sawing tool is very popular due the excellent reliability, easy operation ...
  • CNC Corner Connector Cutting MachineIt is suitable for batch production. The carbide sawblade, which is driven by powerful motor, has high cutting speed, realizing the improvement in productivity. Importantly, the machining precision can be guaranteed, as well.
  • Double-Head Aluminum Saw with Digital DisplaySmartly designed, the two cutting head can operate simultaneously or singly. Due to joint operation, the double-head aluminum saw can achieve the required cutting length and angle for one time clamping.
  • CNC Saw GaugeThrough the human-machine interface, users can control the CNC saw gauge easily. The automatic, continuous repeated positioning is available with this high precision saw gauge. The aluminum profiles are delivered smoothly due to the employment of the stainless steel roller.
  • Single-Head Aluminum SawThe single-head aluminum saw is used for cutting profiles for aluminum windows and doors with the cutting angles from 0°-135°.

As a professional aluminum cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer aluminum milling machine, aluminum profile processing equipment, Aluminum Corner Crimping Machine, solar PV module equipment, and wooden window door processing machine.

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