Four Miter CNC Corner Crimping Machine

Four Miter CNC Corner Crimping Machine

Model: LM4S-100×1800×3000

1. Our four miter CNC corner crimping machine is particularly offered for assembling aluminum doors and windows. The four corners connection can be completed at a stroke.
2. The clamping system can move forward and backward automatically, making sure the easy operation of the corner crimper.
3. The machine frame is jointed by quality steel through special processing technology.
4. Employing the CNC system from Germany Lenze, the aluminum window production equipment comes with both high speed and high precision.
5. With the utilization of the moment monitoring function of the servo system, users can achieve the pre-pressing of the four corners to realize precise connection of the windows and doors.
6. Based on the requirement for processing different profiles, the corner crimping cutter of the four-miter CNC corner crimping machine can be adjusted flexibly.
7. The joint seam and the flatness can be accurately controlled to offer first class aluminum products.
8. The control system can effectively control the processing accuracy.
9. Our company is granted the patent for the corner crimping technology of the CNC crimping machine. The patent numbers are ZL.02269408.0 and ZL.02269407.2.

Technical Specifications of Four Miter CNC Corner Crimping Machine

Operating voltage 380V/220V
Rated power 7.5 Kw
Rated oil pressure 15 Mpa
Working pressure 0.5-0.8 Mpa
Air consumption 0.8L/times
Fuel tank capacity 60L
Max. assembled frame size 1800 mm ×3000 mm
Min. assembled frame size 480 mm ×480 mm
Applicable aluminum profile width 93mm
End product diagonal length tolerance ≤1mm
Processed corner seam tolerance ≤0.15mm
Equipment dimension (L×W×H) 4700×2000×2500mm
Weight 2500Kg

As a specialized four miter CNC corner crimping machine manufacturer based in China, we provide not only Aluminum Corner Crimping Machine, but also aluminum cutting machine, aluminum profile processing equipment, solar PV module equipment, wood processing center, and other process machinery.

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