BL2532 Angle Processing Line

Our BL2532 angle processing line is CNC production equipment suitable for marking and drilling angle bar in power transmission tower and telecommunication steel tower fabrication. This CNC production line is comprised of the raw angle bar loading system, material feeding conveyor, main machine body, finished angle bar feeding and conveying system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electrical control system.

Technical Characteristics
1. This CNC angle processing equipment is endowed with excellent rigidity and compact structure.
2. It can achieve automatic marking and drilling thus has high working efficiency.
3. Since material feeding is driven by servo motor, working precision of this angle processing line is high.
4. The easy-operation control computer is able to show the figure of the workpiece.
5. Failure self diagnosis and data statistics functions are available to this angle bar manufacturing line.
6. The key hydraulic system, pneumatic and electrical components are made by world-famous companies.

Main Technical Parameters of Angle Processing Line
Angle bar size (mm): ∠140×140×10-∠250×250×32
Drilling diameter (mm): φ17.5~φ40
Nominal marking force (KN): 1030
Max. angle bar length (m): 14m (12m for Model BL2532A)
Quantity of drilling row on each side: As required.
Back mark adjustment range (mm): 50~220 (stepless)
Drilling head quantity on each side (pcs): 3
Marking character group quantity: 1
Character quantity in each group (pc): 16
Character size (mm): 14×10×19
Quantity of CNC axes (pcs): 3
Max. stroke of drilling spindle (mm): 105
Drilling spindle speed (r/min): 180~560 (stepless)
Drilling spindle motor power (kW): 2×5.5
Feeding speed (mm/min): 20~280 (Workpiece feeding and marking are controlled by AC servo motor.)
Material unloading mode: Finished angle bar is unloaded to one side by pneumatic power.
Processing accuracy: Complies with the requirement of GB2694-2010.
Angle bar feeding-in speed: 0~40m/min, three steps of speed levels can be selected (15, 30 and 40 m/min)
Programming method: Keyboard input, USB port input, CAD machine program generation
Total power (kW): About 30
Overall dimension of angle processing line (L×W×H) (mm): 29000×8900×2500
Weight (kg): About 16500
Layout type: A type (left side loading); B type (right side loading)
Working temperature: 10℃~40℃

Related Names
CNC Angle Line Equipment | CNC Angle Processing Machine | Angle Line Machine for TLT Tower Manufacturing | CNC Angle Line Machine

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