High Speed 4-Axis CNC Processing Center

High Speed 4-Axis CNC Processing Center

Model: GSGZA-CNC-7000

1. The high speed 4-axis CNC processing center is designed for processing gutter channels, lockhole, mounting holes, etc, for aluminum windows, doors, and curtain walls. In addition, application as an end milling machine and tapping machine is also available.
2. Imported from Italy, the high speed principal axis has high working efficiency and can complete machining at the angle of ±90°.
3. The CNC machining center employs high quality computer control system particularly designed for industrial applications.
4. Users can understand the operation conditions of the CNC aluminium door processing equipment through the graphic programming and machining monitoring interface. The user operation interface makes for easy control of the product.
5. To ensure precise machine operation, the high speed 4-axis CNC processing center utilizes high quality servo motor and roller linear guide rail.
6. Supporting 12 cutting positions, the cutters of the high speed machining center can change quickly and automatically.
7. The material clamping device can be positioned at will.

Technical Specifications of High Speed 4-Axis CNC Processing Center

X axis travel 7000mm
Y axis travel 1400mm
Z axis travel 600mm
X axis movement speed 0 ~60m /min
Y axis movement speed 0 ~30m /min
Z axis movement speed 0 ~20m /min
Spindle speed / power 0 ~18000rpm/5.5kw
Spindle rotation range -90o ~0o ~+90o
Cutter magazine 12 cutter positions
Air source pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Power supply 380V/50Hz
Total installed power 10kw
Quantity of clamps 6 sets
Lubricating and cooling system Automatic lubricate, spraying cooling
Working area (W×H×L) 650×200×7000mm
Equipment dimension (W×H×L) 8600×2000×2300mm
Weight 4500kg

Jinan Tianchen is a professional high speed 4-axis CNC processing center manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition, we provide CNC processing center, aluminum profile tenon milling machine, wood processing center, solar PV module equipment, and double-head CNC aluminum cutting machine.

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