CNC Processing Center

CNC Processing Center

Model: CMC6020

1. Our CNC processing center can be used for processing the holes and grooves on light alloy plates and plate-shaped welding parts. Meanwhile, it can also be used for contour machining.
2. It is designed with a crosswise T-slot worktable, and utilizes pneumatic clamp or T block for material clamping.
3. Adopting high quality numerical control system, the CNC processing equipment offers convenient users operation interface.
4. Italy HSD high speed electrical spindle allows the equipment to finish drilling and milling as well as other machining operations in high quality.
5. Superior quality AC servo motor, ball screw, linear guide rail and bearing, etc. provides the CNC processing center with high processing precision.
6. Equipped with a 6-position moveable and rotatable tool magazine, the CNC machine can achieve automatic tool changing.

Technical Specifications of CNC Processing Center

Item Parameter
Axis travel X 6000 mm
Y 2000 mm
Z 500 mm
Processing precision Positioning ±0.05 mm
Repeated positioning ±0.02 mm
Verticality 0.1 mm
Cylindricity 0.1 mm
Cut surface roughness Ra 3.2 um
Feeding speed X axis 42 m /min
Y axis 32 m /min
Z axis 18 m /min
Tool changing time < 20 s
Spindle Power / speed 15 kW /0 ~ 24000 rpm
Servo motor X+U 1.3 kW +1.3 kW
Y 1.3 kW
Z 1.8 kW
Cutter collet Max. diameter ER32/ Φ2 ~ Φ20 mm
Voltage / total power 380V 50HZ/28KW
Power source Power supply 28 KVA
Air pressure 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa

Jinan Tianchen is a specialized CNC processing center manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer various types of products such as aluminum profile tenon milling machine, high speed 4-axis CNC processing center, double-head CNC aluminum cutting machine, and four miter CNC corner crimping machine.

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