Aluminum Profile Tenon Milling Machine

Aluminum Profile Tenon Milling Machine LXSJ6A-250

Model: LXSJ6A-250

1. The aluminium profile tenon milling machine LXSJ6A-250 is newly developed for milling tenon for aluminium profiles.
2. It can complete profile clamping, cutter feeding, and profile shaping at a stroke.
3. Our tenon cutting machine has six sets of cutters, two of which can be adjusted at 180 degree. The 6 cutters can be assembled based on customer’s requirement.
4. Efficiently, the notch cutting is finished with once feeding on the aluminium profile tenon milling machine.
5. The feeding system for the aluminium profile processing equipment adopts variable frequency motor to obtain adjustable feeding speed, high precision machining, and excellent material surface quality.

Technical Specifications of Aluminum Profile Tenon Milling Machine

Input voltage 380V 50Hz
Total motor power 16.4kW (6 groups)
Motor speed 2800r/min
Feeding motor power 1.1kw
Air source working pressure 0.5 - 0.8MPa
Spindle diameter φ32mm
Cutter quantity 6 pcs (φ250 milling cutter: 4 pcs; 14 " sawblade: 2 pcs)
Cutter feeding travel 1650mm
Worktable size 510 ×480 mm
Cutter travel Horizontal: 80mm, vertical:280mm
External dimension 3650×1340×1965mm
Weight 2000kg

Jinan Tianchen is a professional aluminum profile tenon milling machine manufacturer in China. Apart from aluminum profile processing equipment, we also offer aluminum cutting machine, Aluminum Corner Crimping Machine, wooden window door processing machine, and solar PV module equipment, among others.

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