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Aluminum Profile Processing Equipment

  • High Speed 4-Axis CNC Processing Center Users can understand the operation conditions of the CNC aluminium door processing equipment through the graphic programming and machining monitoring interface. The user operation interface makes for easy control of the product.
  • High Speed 3-Axis CNC Processing Center Coming with double material positioning system, the CNC machining center can feed material continuously.
    The machine head position and operator position detector ensures high safety of the aluminum door production equipment.
  • High Speed Double Worktable CNC Processing Center Specially offered for machining mounting holes, gutter channels, lockholes and other slots on aluminum profiles, the high speed double worktable CNC processing center adopts high speed electrical spindle to ensure the stability of the product. The CNC machining center with dual worktable can achieve ...
  • CNC Processing Center Superior quality AC servo motor, ball screw, linear guide rail and bearing, etc. provides the CNC processing center with high processing precision.
    Equipped with a 6-position moveable and rotatable tool magazine
  • Aluminum Alloy CNC Milling Machine There is PLC control system and user friendly human-machine interface installed on the aluminum machining tool. It makes the product operation easy and convenient.
  • Notching Saw Equipped with magnescale, the aluminum processing machinery can realize digital display for the cutting angle and worktable height. Users can adjust the worktable and the positioning device of the aluminum cutting machine easily for processing aluminum profile ends into different angles.
  • Aluminum Profile Milling Machine The aluminum profile milling machine is generally used for milling the bending part of aluminum curtain walls with the cutting section area (L×W) of 4000×1600mm. Installed with specially designed cutters, our precision milling equipment can be used for processing slot with different depths ...
  • Multi Miter Drilling Machine The multi miter drilling machine is applicable for drilling holes on aluminum profiles with the sectional area of 250×250mm. The maximum machining length reaches up to 5000mm. The drilling machine can be equipped with multi-head drilling tool for drilling multi-holes synchronously.
  • Aluminum Profile Tenon Milling Machine LXSJ6A-250 The feeding system for the aluminium profile processing equipment adopts variable frequency motor to obtain adjustable feeding speed, high precision machining, and excellent material surface quality.
  • Aluminum End Milling Machine It can be fixed with cutters with the diameter from 110mm to 300mm. Integrating the advantages of other products, the aluminum end milling equipment is distinguished by compact structure, large milling area, easy operation, and high efficiency.
  • Multi Spindle Copy Router Aside from the compact structure and nice appearance, the aluminum door production machine is well received due to the large processing area, as well as the powerful clamping force, by virtue of the employment of the pneumatic control system.
  • Single Spindle Copy Router The single spindle copy router is specially offered for processing holes and grooves in varied sizes on aluminum and PVC windows, doors, and curtain walls. It is well received by virtue of the compact structure, attractive appearance, and small volume.
  • Aluminum Profile Tenon Milling Machine LXSJ6-250Based on customer’s requirement, the six cutters can be assembled for specific drilling requirement. The motor driven system for the aluminum profile milling machine offers uniform feeding speed, accurate processing performance, and high cutting surface quality.
  • CNC Processing CenterEquipped with 6-positon moveable and rotatable tool magazine, the CNC processing center can achieve automatic tool changing.
    Our high speed CNC processing center comes with protection shield to prevent the operator ...

Jinan Tianchen is a China aluminum profile processing equipment manufacturer. We offer an extensive line of products, including aluminum milling machine, Aluminum Corner Crimping Machine, wooden window door processing machine, solar PV module equipment, aluminum cutting machine, and much more.

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