PP103 Plate Punching Machine

Application and Feature
1. The PP103 plate punching machine is mainly suitable for punching structure plates used in car parking system or connection plates used in tower manufacture.
2. This connection plate punching equipment is designed with three stations (two for punching and one for marking) and it can select the proper punching station automatically.
3. It has the advantages of high punching precision, punching speed and production efficiency. It is a cost-effective plate processing machine appropriate for both trial production and mass production.

Technical Characteristics
1. Machine body processed with aging treatment is of high rigidity and is not easy to deform. The open design makes the machine body easy to maintain.
2. The flexible clamping system is fit for clamping plates of varying thickness.
3. This plate punching machine is equipped with a convenient positioning stopper device and the workpiece is supported by ball worktable.
4. Servo motor is used to drive the movement of the plates highly precisely.
5. Punching and marking can be finished at one processing step with stable accuracy.
6. Our plate machining equipment integrates mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic system. It is also configured with a PLC system and has failure self diagnosis function.
7. The running program can be created or edited manually on site. It can also be generated automatically from CAD or CAXA.

Main Parameters of Plate Punching Machine
Plate thickness (mm): 5~25mm
Maximum plate size (mm): 1500×775mm
Maximum punching hole diameter (mm): Ø 25.5mm
Maximum punching hole diameter × plate thickness: Q235 (The material’s maximum tensile strength is 500MPa): φ25.5×25mm
Q345 (The material’s maximum tensile strength is 630MPa): φ25.5×20mm
Minimum margin between hole and plate side (mm) (at Y axis): 25mm
Punching force (KN): 950
Quantity of character boxes: 1
Dimension of character: 14×10×19mm (10 characters for the character box)
Maximum marking force (KN): 800
PLC: Mitsubishi
Die station quantity: 3
Speed of X/Y axis (m/min): 12m/min
Working accuracy of plate punching machine: Complies with national standard GB2694-2003.
Hydraulic pressure (Mpa): Low pressure: 5.5MPa; High pressure: 25MPa
Air supply pressure (MPa): 0.5~0.8MPa
Motor total power (kW): About 20
Overall size (L×W×H): 3020×2522×1880mm
Machine weight (kg): About 6200
Power supply: Three-phase four-wire system
AC voltage: 415V
Fluctuation of voltage: ±10%
Frequency: 50Hz
Working temperature: 10℃~40℃

Key Outsourced Components List of PP103 Plate Punching Machine
No. Name Qty Brand
1 AC servo motor 2 Panasonic of Japan
2 Servo driver 2 Panasonic of Japan
3 PLC 1 Mitsubishi of Japan
4 Communication module 1 Mitsubishi of Japan
5 AC contactor 2 Siemens of Germany
6 Relay some Weidmuller of Germany
7 Proximity switch some Contrinex of Switzerland
8 Main hydraulic reversing valve some Atos of Italy
9 Pneumatic electromagnetic valve 3 Airtac of Taiwan
10 Standard cylinder 3 Airtac of Taiwan
11 Button, indicator lamp some Siemens of Germany
12 Switching power supply 1 MW (Mean Well) of Taiwan
13 Balls crew 2 Hiwin of Taiwan

Note: The above key outsourced components are supplied by appointed suppliers. If the components are out of supply from the above mentioned suppliers due to some special reasons, we will adopt components with the same level as those from the above appointed suppliers instead. Quality of the replacement components will be as good as those from the above suppliers.

Related Names
CNC Plate Machining Equipment | CNC Plate Processing Machine | Plate Processing Machine for Tower Manufacture | CNC Punch Machine | CNC Structural Steel Fabricating Machinery

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