PPD103 Plate Punching and Drilling Machine

Application and Features
1. Our PPD103 plate punching and drilling machine is mainly used to punch and drill connection plates in parking system manufacture and tower fabrication.
2. There are four working stations including two punching stations, one marking station and one drilling station in this CNC plate processing equipment. The working stations can switch automatically.
3. It has high punching and drilling precision, high working speed, high production efficiency and can achieve efficient plate shifting.
4. It is suitable for both small quantity trial production and mass production.

Technical Characters
1. The machine frame is designed in open type, thus it has strong rigidity and is easy to maintain. Heat treatment makes the machine body not easy to deform.
2. The clamping system of this plate punching and drilling machine is able to clamp workpieces in different thickness.
3. A referential zero position stopper device is configured to our CNC plate processing machine and the workpiece is supported by ball table.
4. Servo motor is applied to drive the movement of plate to guarantee accurate plate feeding.
5. Stroke of drilling spindle is automatically controlled and the drilling speed can be switched automatically.
6. This connection plate manufacturing machine can achieve punching, drilling and marking on the same plate with stable working precision. It helps reduce labor intensity.
7. Mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems are integrated in this plate punching and drilling machine.
8. Controlled by PLC, our CNC plate machining equipment has self diagnosis function for failures.
8. The machine program can be written manually or revised on site. It can also be generated from CAD or CAXA.
9. The working accuracy of this tower connection plate processing machine complies with the standard of GB2694-2010.

Main Technical Parameters of Plate Punching and Drilling Machine
Workpiece size (mm) (L×W×T): 1500×775×25 (Punching); 1200×775×35 (Drilling)
Max. punching diameter and max. punching thickness (mm): Ø25.5 (When the maximum tensile strength σb is 630MPa, the maximum punching thickness is 20mm. When the maximum tensile strength σb is 500Mpa, the maximum punching thickness is 25mm.)
Drilling diameter range (mm): Ø12-Ø50
Max. drilling thickness (mm): 35
Min. distance between hole and plate side (mm): 25
Max. punching pressure (KN): 950
Max. marking force (KN): 800
Quantity of working stations (pcs): 4
Character size (mm): 14×10×19
Character Quantity (pcs): 10
Speed of X/Y axis (m/min): 12
Hydraulic system pressure (MPa): High pressure 25; Low pressure 5.5
Air supply pressure (MPa): 0.5~0.8
Motor total power (kW): About 26
Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm): 3020×2522×2750
Machine weight (kg): About 6700
Working temperature: 10℃~40℃

Related Names
CNC Plate Drill Machine | Plate Punching, Marking and Drilling Machine | CNC Plate Processing Equipment | Plate Machining Equipment Producer

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