GMD2016 Gantry Drilling Machine

This GMD2016 gantry drilling machine is mainly used for drilling plates of buildings, bridges, steel towers and other steel structures. It also can be used to drill the tube plates, baffles and circular flanges in boiler and petrochemical industries. This machine has high working efficiency and high drilling accuracy.

Technical Characteristics
This gantry drilling machine mainly consists of the worktable, gantry, hydraulic in-feeding drilling spindle, hydraulic system, NC system, cooling system and chip removal system.
1. Our CNC drilling machine is designed with fixed worktable and moveable gantry, thus is space saving. The gantry and worktable are welded structures which have steady precision due to the artificial aging treatment.
2. There are hydraulic clamps around the worktable used to clamp workpieces and the clamps can be easily controlled by foot switch.
3. The largest workpiece our drilling equipment can process is in the size of 2000×1600mm. Small workpieces can be processed at the corner of the worktable, remarkably shortening the preparation time and increasing the production efficiency.
4. Our gantry drilling machine contains 2 NC axes which are respectively the gantry movement axis (X axis) and the drilling spindle transverse movement axis (Y axis). Each axis is guided by precise linear rolling guide and driven by AC servo motor and ball screw.
5. The drilling head which is driven by the power supplied by motor and transmitted by the gears has big torque. The drilling speed can be adjusted steplessly according to actual need. The spindle adopts-quick change chuck, making drilling head replacement convenient.
6. The drill bit employs circulating water cooling. It is installed with a coolant filtering and circulating device. Under this steel structure drilling machine body, there is a plate chain chip cleaner which can automatically remove the chips to the chip trolley.
7. Controlled by a Mitsubishi PLC system together with the host computer, the NC system of our gantry drilling machine has powerful programming function to achieve direct conversion between CAD and CAM. Thanks to the PLC system, man-machine interaction and automatic alarm function are also available to help the operators to monitor the processing procedure in real time.
8. Key components such as ball screw, linear guide set, hydraulic valve, electrical component, servo motor and frequency converter of our gantry CNC drilling equipment all come from world-famous manufacturers.

Main Specification Parameters of Gantry Drilling Machine
Component name Item Parameter
Workpiece size Max. workpiece size (L×W×T) 2000×1600×100mm
Hydraulic in-feeding drilling spindle Quantity 1pcs
Spindle type Quick-change chuck
Max. drilling diameter φ50mm
Spindle rotation speed 120~560r/min
Spindle motor power 5.5kW
Spindle stroke 180mm
Gantry longitudinal movement (X axis) Stroke 2000mm
Max. movement speed 10m/min
Servo motor power 1.5kW
Gantry upper sliding table transverse movement (Y axis) Stroke 1600mm
Max. movement speed 10m/min
Servo motor power 1kW
Hydraulic system Working pressure 6MPa
Hydraulic pump motor power 2.2kW
Cooling system Cooling type Outside cooling
Chip cleaner Chip cleaner type Plate and chain
Electrical system NC system PLC
NC axis quantity 2
Motor total power About 11kW
Overall dimension Length×Width×Height About 5000×4400×2900mm
Machine weight About 6.5t

Related Names
Plate Drilling Machine | CNC Plate Drilling Equipment | Drilling Machine for Middle Thick Plate | Drilling Machine for Structural Steel Fabricators

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