Wood Processing Center

Wood Processing Center

Model: TMC-7

1. TMC-7 wood processing center is ideal for cutting, tenon milling and copy-routing of wood materials. It can be used for processing a single timber and can also be used for wood window and door frame materials.
2. The end cutter spindle and side cutter spindle are both given dynamic balancing test. So they offer stable rotation, low noise and high cutting capacity.
3. The industrial PC control system, intelligent numerical control system and simple man-machine interface makes the wood processing center convenient to operate.

Technical Specifications of Wood Processing Center

Input power supply 380V 50Hz Min./max. workpiece length 400/2800mm
Motor power 38kw (7 sets) Min./max. workpiece height 50/100mm
End cutting motor 2.2kw Min./max. workpiece width 30/200mm
End milling motor 7.5 kw Worktable height 1000mm
Side milling motor 5.5 kw End cutting cutter spindle speed 2800rpm
Glazing bead cutting motor 2.2 kw End milling cutter spindle speed 3500rpm
Worktable feeding motor 0.75 kw Side milling cutter spindle speed 6000rpm
Side milling system material feeding motor 1.1 kw Speed of glazing bead cutting 2800rpm
Working pressure 0.5 - 0.8MPa End milling system material feeding speed 4-20m/min
End cutter diameter 260 mm Side milling system material feeding speed 6-12m/min
Side cutter diameter 180 mm Machine weight 4000Kg

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