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Wooden Window Frame Combination Machine

Wooden Window Frame Combination Machine

Model: TCP-3500

1. As the name suggests, the wooden window frame combination machine is generally used for combining wood, or wood-aluminum doors and windows.
2. The upper machine head of the door frame assembly machine is installed with a short stroke hydraulic cylinder and a gravitational balance device. So the machine head height can be adjusted easily.
3. The lower machine head comes with a specially positioning device to regulate head height, thus allowing variable sized workpiece to be pressed at a proper position.
4. Our window frame combining equipment contains the machine head moving horizontally and vertically along with the guide rail. So each frame corner can be precisely fixed.
5. The door frame assembling machine is quite convenient for operation. Its pressing pressure can be regulated based on actual demand. In addition, the horizontal and vertical pressing systems are mutually independently.
6. The wooden window frame combination machine comes with special pressing head for combining the frame of triangle and trapezoid windows.
7. Particularly designed in modular structure, our product can be installed with vertical and horizontal muntin combination unit.
8. In addition to the nice and simple appearance, the aluminum window and door frame combination machine is sturdy and durable for use.

As a China-based wooden window frame combination machine manufacturer, Jinan Tianchen supplies a broad range of products that includes wood processing center, double miter CNC corner crimping machine, solar PV module equipment, aluminum profile tenon milling machine, and others.

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