TSD300/9 Structural Steel Drilling Machine

TSD300/9 Structural Steel Drilling Machine

The TSD300/9 structural steel drilling machine can be used to drill holes on H-beam steel, channel steel and other structural steel materials. It is widely used in the fabrication of building, bridge, tower mast, high mast and net rack.

Machine Composition
Our structural steel drilling machine is made up of the main drill, infeeding device, outfeed conveyor, cooling system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, lubricating system, electrical system and chip removal system. This structural steel processing equipment adopts 9 spindles, 3 for each side, to drill holes on the 3 sides of the structural steel. The 3 spindles for each side can be installed with 3 kinds of drilling heads in different sizes.

1. The machine is designed in such a structure that the machine body is fixed, while the workpiece is movable during processing. This structure makes the three-dimensional drilling machine suitable for the automatic production of steel beams in small or medium scale.

2. High working efficiency, processing accuracy and easy operation are attractive advantages of our structural steel drilling machine.

Main Technical Parameters
Item Unit Parameter value Note
H beam bar size Web width range mm 100~300
Flange height range mm 100~300
Min. feeding length mm 1500
Max. length mm 8500
Main spindle Quantity pcs. 9
Spindle motor power kW About 5.5
RPM range of spindle r/min 180~560
Drilling diameter range mm φ12~φ30
CNC axis X axis Servo motor power kW About 4.5
Maximum speed m/min 40
Y axis Servo motor power kW About 1.5
Maximum speed m/min 10
Z, W axis Servo motor power kW About 1.5
Maximum speed m/min 10
Loading type Customized
Overall size (L×W×H) mm About 24000× 4000×2800 1set
Total power kW About 31
Machine weight t About 12
Finished Product Display

Related Names
CNC Beam Drilling Machine | Channel Steel Processing Machine | Beam Drilling Machine for Structural Steel Fabrication | Structural Steel Beam Drill Line

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