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CNC Machines for Car Parking System Manufacture and Fabrication

  • CSU300A Structural Steel Processing LineThis CNC manufacturing line for car parking system comes with the following features: high working efficiency, high processing accuracy, high automation degree, easy operation and wide application.
  • TSD300/9 Structural Steel Drilling MachineThe machine is designed in such a structure that the machine body is fixed, while the workpiece is movable during processing. This structure makes the three-dimensional drilling machine suitable for the automatic production of steel beams in small or medium scale.
  • PPC027 Plate Punching and Cutting LineIt consists of the main machine body, punching oil cylinder, guide slider, die changing system, clamping system, plasma cutting device, etc.
    The main machine body is designed with seven punch die stations for punching holes in different sizes.
  • PP103 Plate Punching MachineThe PP103 plate punching machine is mainly suitable for punching structure plates used in car parking system or connection plates used in tower manufacture. This connection plate punching equipment is designed with three stations (two for punching and one for marking) and it can select the proper ...
Other Products
  • RBS Series Structural Steel Band SawOur structural steel sawing equipment adopts double column design and is configured with a robust lathe bed. This equipment has a vibration absorption device to reduce vibration during high speed sawing.
  • ZK6012 Steel Pipe Drilling Machine It is able to drill holes automatically and continuously. This pipe drilling equipment is easy to operate and safe to use. It has high working efficiency and helps reduce labor strength. As a flexible CNC ...
  • GMD3016 Plate Drilling Machine It is also appropriate for drilling tube plates, baffles and circular flanges in boiler and petrochemical industries. This steel structure plate processing machine has high working efficiency and high processing accuracy.
  • PM220A CNC Pipe Slotting MachineMultiple tools in the machine can work simultaneously, making the manufacturing efficiency very high. Apart from high working efficiency, our pipe making machine is of ...
  • PJS Simple Automatic Car Parking SystemThis easy automated parking facility is controlled by PLC system and can be operated through buttons. Multiple safety protection devices guarantee safe operation ...
  • PJSY 2 Layer Automatic Car Parking SystemThis hydraulic-drive automated parking equipment is space saving and produces ultra-low noise when working.
    It is designed with beautiful and fashionable appearance.