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Wooden Window Door Processing Machine

  • Wood Processing Center TMC-7 wood processing center is ideal for cutting, tenon milling and copy-routing of wood materials. It can be used for processing a single timber and can also be used for wood window and door frame materials.
    The end cutter spindle and side cutter spindle are both given dynamic balancing test.
  • Wooden Window Frame Combination Machine Particularly designed in modular structure, our product can be installed with vertical and horizontal muntin combination unit.
    In addition to the nice and simple appearance, the aluminum window and door frame combination ...
  • Wooden Window Tenon Drilling Machine Pneumatically controlled, the cutter feeding and material profile clamping can be completed reliably and stably.
    The hole-depth can be adjusted through the locating device for the wooden window ...
  • Wooden Window Vertical Drilling Machine The precise hole positioning for perfect connection can be guaranteed, as well. The locating board is adjustable, to ensure the profile in different size can be processed accurately.
  • Wooden Window Angle Combination Machine Since the pressing mould position is adjustable, the accurate pressing depth can be hereby guaranteed. Our wooden window angle combination machine is produced with the pressing head, which can be replaced rapidly.
  • Wooden Window Polishing Machine The wooden window polishing machine is designed with an inner frame on which a perforated plate is mounted. Meanwhile, it comes with a fan. Hence, the polishing equipment can offer dust removal function when the fan starts working.
  • Cutting Saw for Wooden Door & WindowThe wooden door cutter head adopts linear guide rail for vertical operation. So, the machine can run stably and precisely for a long time. The automatic protection shield is conducive to the high safety of the wooden window cutting saw.
  • Four Side MoulderIt adopts widened machine body to improve the machining stability and accuracy. The moulding machine has multi-step bottom roller, which will move along with the feeding table, vertically. The short material turnover device for the four-side moulding equipment can reverse the material automatically.
  • Nailing Machine for Wood Window and DoorThe door nailer uses stainless steel nail to fasten the wood or aluminum profile. A foot valve is employed to control the operation of the automatic nailing machine. In addition to the nailing position limitation, the nailing quality can be controlled, as well. At the same position, repeated nailing is available.
  • Wood Window and Door Processing CenterOur wood window processing center adopts imported servo motor and the roller linear guide pair to ensure the stable operation of the product.
    The spindle for end milling and side milling has passed the dynamic test, rotating stably with low noise.

Jinan Tianchen is a wooden window door processing machine manufacturer in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including a wood processing center, wooden window vertical drilling machine, high speed 4-axis CNC processing center, and double-head CNC aluminum cutting machine, among others.

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  • Double-Head CNC Aluminum Cutting MachineEngineered with follow-up saw protection shield, the aluminum machining equipment provides safe and clean working environment.
    Manufactured with movable material-supporting bracket ...