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Semi-Automatic Solar Module Laminator

Semi-Automatic Solar Module Laminator

Model: TCYB01

1. The semi-automatic solar module laminator has two operation modes that are manual operation and semi-automatic operation.
2. Using PLC control system and touch screen display, the solar module laminating machine features high working precision and reliable performance.
3. Thick heating plate and multipoint temperature control technology are adopted to ensure temperature uniformity.
4. Our semi-automatic solar module laminator is designed with emergency response system and emergency uncover system to ensure equipment safety.
5. We can also design and manufacture the solar module laminating machine according to customers' demands.

Technical Specifications of Semi-Automatic Solar Module Laminators

Model Lamination area Temperature uniformity Temperature range Air exhaust rate Power Air source Weight
TCYB01A 2200mm × 1750mm ± 2 ℃ 30~180℃ 30L /S 35kW 0.7MPa Approx. 4.5T
TCYB01B 2200mm × 2000mm ± 2 ℃ 30~180℃ 30L /S 35kW 0.7 Approx. 4.5T
TCYB01C 2200mm × 2200mm ± 2 ℃ 30~180℃ 30L /S 35kW 0.7 Approx. 4.5T
TCYB01D 2400mm ×2200mm ±2 ℃ 30 ~180℃ 30L /S 35kW 0.7 Approx. 4.5T

Jinan Tianchen is a specialized semi-automatic solar module laminator manufacturer in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including wood processing center, double-head CNC aluminum cutting machine, corner crimping machine, notching saw, and aluminum profile tenon milling machine, among others.

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