RBS Series Structural Steel Band Saw

Our RBS series structural steel band saw is used for the sawing of H beam bar, box beam, channel steel, angle steel bar and round steel in the manufacture of steel structure, bridge structure, car parking garage and petrol platform.

1. Our structural steel sawing equipment adopts double column design and is configured with a robust lathe bed. This equipment has a vibration absorption device to reduce vibration during high speed sawing.
2. In the process of 0°~45° miter cutting, the band saw itself will rotate and the long workpiece needs not to rotate. This facilitates beveling and keeps the continuity of production.
3. The hydraulic saw blade automatic tensioning device keeps the saw blade stable during high speed rotation and helps extend the life of the saw blade.
4. Small aperture and high precision contribute to reducing material consumption greatly.
5. This structural steel band saw is designed with laser alignment function and the advance and retreat structure can be slightly adjusted manually. This design makes for accurate cutting.
6. Automatic coolant matching with the saw blade not only lubricates the blade but also lowers its temperature.
7. Three clamping arms which are respectively located on the left, middle and right side of the band sawing machine are used to hold the workpiece and guide the blade so as to avoid blade blocking during high speed sawing.
8. PLC control and hydraulic stepless feeding mechanism are available to this structural steel band saw.

Main Technical Parameters
Model RBS1250 RBS1000 RBS1000A RBS750 RBS500
Sawing capacity (mm) Round steel Ø660 Ø660 Ø660 Ø550 Ø320
Square steel 630×630 550×550 550×550 480×480 300×300
H-beam 1250×600 1000×500 1000×500 750×450 500×300
Saw blade size (T×W×L) (mm) 1.6×54×8300 1.6×54×7600 1.3×41×6650 1.3×41×5790
Saw blade linear speed (m/min) 20~80 (stepless)
Table height (mm) 800
Feeding speed Stepless feeding Programmable control Stepless feeding
Rotation angle 0°~45°
Host motor power (kW) 11 7.5 5.5
Hydraulic motor power (kW) 2.25
Motor power for cooling pump (kW) 0.16
Motor power for rotation table (kW) 0.06 Hydraulic drive None
Main clamping hydraulic motor (ml/r) 160 80
Front clamping hydraulic motor (ml/r) 160 80
Overall dimension of structural steel band saw (mm) 4225×2565×2725 3800×2600×2600 3500×2500×2600 3500×2238×1985
Total weight (kg) 6800 6000 5500 4800
Total motor power (kW) About 12

Related Names
Premium Beam Sawing Machine | Automatic Structural Steel Sawing Equipment | Band Sawing Machine for Structural Steel Fabricators

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