ZK6012 Steel Pipe Drilling Machine

This ZK6012 steel pipe drilling machine can be used in the manufacture of boiler and heat exchanger steel structure. It is able to drill holes automatically and continuously. This pipe drilling equipment is easy to operate and safe to use. It has high working efficiency and helps reduce labor strength. As a flexible CNC drilling tool, our product is suitable for batch production in various scales.

Composition of Steel Pipe Drilling Machine
1. Worktable: 1 set
2. Movable gantry and slide carriage: 1 set
3. Drilling power device: 1 set
4. Indexing device: 2 sets
5. Positioning pinch device: 1 set
6. Chain chip removal system: 1 set
7. Hydraulic system: 1 set
8. Pneumatic system: 1 set
9. Lubricating system: 1 set
10. Cooling system: 1 set
11. Electrical system: 1 set
12. Spare part: 1 set
13. Technical data: 1 set

Working Ambient Environment of Steel Pipe Drilling Machine
Power supply voltage: 3-phase 4-line, 380±15%V, 50±1Hz
Control voltage: 220±15%V, 50±1Hz
Operation voltage: 24V
Compressed air pressure: ≥0.5MPa
Room temperature: -5~45oC
Relative humidity: ≤85% (Without condensate)
Other condition: Good ventilation condition, no dust or corrosive gas

Main Technical Parameters of Steel Pipe Drilling Machine
Name Item Value
Pipe size Maximum pipe length 6000mm
Pipe diameter φ30~φ400mm
Pipe wall thickness 3.5~10mm
Drilling hole diameter φ15~φ70mm
Drilling spindle Maximum drilling diameter Φ70mm
rpm 30~1200r/min
Spindle type BT50 (7: 24)
Spindle motor power 7.5kW
Distance between the spindle bottom surface and the worktable About 1190mm
Movable gantry (X axis) Drilling stroke 6000mm
Maximum movement speed 5m/min
Slide carriage (Y axis) Stroke 1200mm
Maximum movement speed 3m/min
Sliding plate (Z axis) Stroke 600mm
Feeding speed 0~3m/min
Indexer Horizontal movement stroke About 600mm
Vertical movement stroke About 400mm
Pneumatic system Air pressure ≥0.5MPa
Hydraulic system Working pressure 6MPa
Electrical system CNC system 802D SL
CNC axis quantity 3
Total power About 25KW
Positioning accuracy X axis ≤0.1mm/1000mm
Y axis ≤0.1mm/500mm;
Z axis 0.1mm/600mm
Repeated positioning accuracy X axis 0.1mm
Y axis 0.1mm
Z axis 0.1mm
indexing accuracy of indexer 0′~30′
Overall size L×W×H About 10060×2712×3616mm
Weight About 30t
Outsourced Components List for Steel Pipe Drilling Machine
No. Name Quantity Brand Name
1 Servo motor 1 batch Germany Siemens
2 CNC control system 1 set Germany Siemens
3 Gear rack and speed reducer 1 batch Germany ATLANTA
4 Towline 1 batch Germany Igus
5 Main hydraulic reversing valve 1 batch Italy Atos
6 Pneumatic components 1 batch Taiwan Airtac
7 Ball screw 1 batch Tai wan Hiwin
8 Guidway 1 batch Taiwan Hiwin
9 Centralized lubricating device 1 set America BIJUR

Note: The above key outsourced components are from our appointed suppliers. If the components are out of supply due to some special reasons, we will adopt components from other suppliers to replace. The quality of the replacement components will be as good as that of the ones from the above appointed suppliers.

Technical Characteristics
1. Our steel pipe drilling machine is a sort of gantry movable CNC drilling equipment. With a shorter machine bed, this CNC drilling machine is space saving.
2. The worktable of our boiler pipe drilling machine is made of high-quality cast iron, thus it has excellent shock absorption performance and is not easy to deform.
3. Dual drive is employed to control the movement of the gantry along the X axis direction. The transmission device adopts anti-backlash gear and rack made by the Germany ATLANTA. Thus the transmission accuracy is high.
4. The movable gantry and the slide carriage both have a hydraulic locking device. During drilling, the gantry will be locked with the worktable and the slide carriage will be locked with the movable gantry. In this way, the machine bed, movable gantry and the slide carriage are connected together to enhance the rigidity of the whole steel pipe drilling machine and extend the service life of the linear guide way. At the same time, drilling accuracy and the life of the drilling tool are also increased.
5. The drilling spindle is connected with the motor through synchronous belt to achieve stepless automatic speed changing.
6. Replaceable positioning pinch devices are configured to our steel pipe processing machine. Two sorts of common positioning pinch devices are allowed to be placed on the machine simultaneously. Those not frequent-used ones can be replaced when they are needed.
7. Turning of the pipe is fulfilled manually with the indexer. Two sorts of indexers installed abreast are available to this steel pipe drilling machine.
8. Chain chip removal system is used to collect the waste materials.
9. The reversing valves of the hydraulic system are Italian Atos products.
10. The pneumatic components are from Taiwan Airtac company.
11. The centralized lubricating device is made by American BIJUR.
12. The CNC system is the German Siemens 802D SL model.
13. Other outsourced components are all from famous manufacturers in China or other countries. (See details in the "outsourced components list".)

Structure Configuration and Technical Description
I. Worktable

1. The worktable of our steel pipe drilling machine is made of high quality cast iron. It has excellent shock absorption performance and is not easy to deform.
2. There are T slots on the worktable used for locating and fixing the positioning pinch devices. There are 4 T slots arranged along the X axis direction with interval distance of about 300mm and there are 31 along the Y axis direction with interval distance of about 200mm. (Quantity of the T slots and the interval distance can be customized.)
3. The worktable has a coolant recycling slot facilitating the coolant to flow back to the coolant tank.
4. On one side of the worktable, there are two indexers which can move up and down used for turning the pipe.
5. There are two heavy-duty linear guides on the left and right side of the worktable respectively. Between the two linear guides on each side, there is a Germany-imported helical rack which is used together with the anti-backlash gear to drive the movable gantry to move along the X axis direction.
6. Between the two linear guides on each side of the worktable, there is also a hydraulic clamping bar which can be clamped through the hydraulic clamping cylinder. The movable gantry and the worktable are connected together to improve the rigidity and stability of the whole machine.

II. Movable Gantry and the Slide Carriage
1. The movable gantry of our steel pipe drilling machine contains the gantry body and the base. Both the gantry body and the base are made of welded steel structures processed with aging treatment to remove stress.
2. The gantry body is fastened on the base by bolts and the base is connected to the drilling machine body with linear guide ways. On the gantry base there are reducer casing made in Germany, anti-backlash gear and servo motor. The servo motor can drive the anti-backlash gear to make the movable gantry move along the X axis direction. On the gantry base located at each side of the worktable, there is a hydraulic clamping cylinder which can clamp the hydraulic clamping bar on both sides of the worktable. In this way, the movable gantry and the worktable are connected together to guarantee high drilling accuracy and extend the service life of the machine components.
3. On one side of the gantry beam there are two linear guide ways. The ball screw and servo motor used for driving the slide carriage to move along the Y axis direction are installed between the two linear guide ways. In this way, the force distributed to the guide way and the screw is proper. This design not only helps extend the service life of the guide way and the screw, but also helps increase the running speed of the slide carriage.
4. The sliding plate and the drilling tool head are installed on the slide carriage. At the same time, the slide carriage guides the vertical movement of sliding plate.

III. Drilling Power Device
1. The drilling power device of our steel pipe drilling machine is made up of the sliding plate, drilling tool head, linear guide way, balance cylinder, etc. The drilling tool head is fixed on the sliding plate and is connected to the slide carriage through the linear guide way on the sliding plate. The servo motor and ball screw drive the sliding plate to move up and down so as to allow the drilling heads to drill holes on pipes.
2. The drilling tool head consists of the spindle holder, spindle, air and hydraulic unclamping cylinder, spindle motor, the synchronous belt pulley, etc. We adopt the BT50 (7: 24) spindle which has an automatic tool pulling device inside. The spindle is able to rotate with the synchronous belt driven by the spindle motor. The rotating speed of the spindle can be adjusted steplessly to fit for drilling heads with different diameters.
3. The balance cylinder is used to balance the weight of the drilling power device, reduce the axial load of the ball screw and extend the ball screw’s service life.
4. The spindle motor has rated power of 7.5kW and rotating speed of 30~1200r/min. The rotating speed and feeding amount can be adjusted according to the pipe material and hole size.

IV. Indexing Device
1. The indexing device installed on our steel pipe drilling machine can hold and turn the pipes so as to facilitate drilling holes on different sides of the pipes.
2. The indexing device is comprised of the indexer, self-centering scroll chuck and the moving mechanism.
3. The indexer can be operated manually and its turning indexing accuracy is ±0.5 °. There are scales on the indexer.
4. The self-centering chuck is installed on the indexer to hold the pipe for turning.
5. The moving mechanism can move the indexer and the self-centering scroll chuck up and down vertically. The vertical position of the indexer is adjusted through the trapezoidal screw, while the horizontal position of the indexer can be adjusted by bolts or manually.
6. According to the pipe diameter, there are two types of indexing devices available. The first type is for pipe with diameter of 30~200mm, the second type is for pipe with diameter of 200~400mm. The two types of indexing devices are installed abreast on one side of the worktable.

V. Positioning Pinch Device
1. The positioning pinch device of our steel pipe drilling machine is used to locate, fix and pinch the pipe for CNC drilling.
2. There are three kinds of positioning pinch devices respectively for pipes with diameters of 30~100mm, 100~200mm and 200~400mm.
3. The positioning pinch device consists of the supporting bracket, pinching cylinder, and the pinching rod. The worktable is able to hold several positioning pinch devices of the same size. The operator can adjust the distance between each positioning pinching device based on practical need. The detailed structure is shown in the figure.
4. Normally, positioning pinch devices for pipes with diameters of 30~100mm and 200~400mm are both installed on the worktable. The two types of positioning pinch devices are interchangeable according to actual needs.
5. Let’s take positioning pinch device for pipes with diameter of 200~400mm as an example, suppose the pipe is 1m long, the worktable is able to hold 5 pipes at the same time. Under the same condition, the worktable can hold 10 pipes with diameter of 100~200mm or 20 pipes with diameter of 30~100mm. If the pipe is longer than 1m, the quantity of the pipes the worktable can hold will reduce.

VI. Chain Chip Removal System
1. the chain chip removal system of our steel pipe drilling machine is used to remove the waste chips during drilling to the waste material hopper.
2. Since the whole worktable is large, the waste chips are not able to fall into the chain chip removal system automatically. Therefore, they need to be collected into the removal system manually.

VII. Hydraulic System
1. The hydraulic system supplies power for the movable gantry, hydraulic clamping cylinder on the slide carriage and the balance cylinder of the drilling tool head.
2. The hydraulic system of our steel pipe drilling machine is mainly made up of oil tank, oil pump, control valve, oil level/temperature gage, pressure gage, etc.
3. The hydraulic system has overpressure unlading function.
4. Working pressure of the hydraulic system is 6Mpa.

VIII. Pneumatic System
1. The pneumatic system adopts AIRTAC products which has stable performance.
2. Compressed air pressure: ≥0.5MPa

IX. Lubricating System
1. Centralized lubrication and dispersing lubrication are both available.
2. For some movable parts, we adopt centralized lubricating device produced by American BIJUR for lubricating.
3. Bearings are lubricated manually.

X. Cooling System
Outside cooling is used to cool the drilling heads of our steel pipe drilling machine. On the worktable there is coolant recycling slot allowing the coolant to flow back to the coolant tank for recycling.

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