GMD3016 Plate Drilling Machine

Application and Advantage
Our GMD3016 plate drilling machine is mainly used to drill holes on the plates of buildings, bridges, steel towers and other steel structures. It is also appropriate for drilling tube plates, baffles and circular flanges in boiler and petrochemical industries. This steel structure plate processing machine has high working efficiency and high processing accuracy.

Technical specification of CNC Gantry Moveable Plate Drilling Machine
Name Item Value
Workpiece’s max. size L×W×H 3000×1600×100mm
Load-bearing of worktable Load-bearing ≤4000Kg
Hydraulic in-feeding drilling spindle Quantity 1
Type Quick change chuck
Range of drilling diameter φ12~φ50mm
Spindle’s rpm 120—560r/min
Spindle motor power 5.5kW
Stroke of spindle 180mm
Longitudinal movement of worktable (X axis) Max. stroke 3000mm
X axis movement speed 0-10m/min
X axis servo motor power 1.5kW
Drilling bit transverse movement (Y axis) Max. stroke 1600mm
Y axis movement speed 0-10m/min
Y axis servo motor power 1kW
Hydraulic system Hydraulic pump pressure 6MPa
Hydraulic pump motor power 2.2kW
Cooling system Cooling method Outside
Chip cleaner Type Plate and chain
Compressed air Supply pressure 0.4MPa
Electrical system of plate drilling machine NC system PLC
NC axis quantity 2
Total power About 11kW
Overall size L×W×H About 5470×4300×2900mm
Weight About 7.5t
Main Outsourced Parts for Plate Drilling Machine
No. Name Brand Remark
1 Roller linear guide Hiwin Taiwan
2 Ball screw Neff or Hiwin Germany or Taiwan
3 PLC Mitsubishi Japan
4 Servo motor Panasonic Japan
5 Towline Igus Germany
6 Button, indicator Siemens Germany
7 Centralized lubrication device BIJUR America (Nanjing)
8 Hydraulic pump for plate drilling machine JUSTMARK Taiwan
9 Hydraulic valve JUSTMARK Taiwan

Note: The suppliers listed above are our company’s designated part suppliers. In case that some of the parts are unavailable from the above suppliers, they are subject to be replaced with products of the same level, and the quality of the replaced parts will be as good as that of the above mentioned.

Spare Parts for Plate Drilling Machine
No. Item Quantity Note
1 Morse 4# extension rod 1 piece  
2 Morse 4# lengthening extension rod 1 piece  
3 Lengthening reduction sleeve 1 piece L=157
4 Lengthening reduction sleeve 1 piece L=178.5
5 Lean iron 1 piece  
6 Lean iron 1 piece  
7 Feeler gauge 1 set  
8 Straight screwdriver 1 piece  
9 Cross screwdriver 1 piece  
10 Adjustable wrench 1 piece 300mm
11 Combination spanner 1 piece 30mm
12 Internal hexagonal wrench 1 set 2-12mm
13 Fork wrench Totally 3 pieces 13×16, 14×17, 17×19
one for each size
14 Lever type oil gun 1 400cm3
15 Air gun 1 EAG-A
16 "O"ring 10×1.9 10  
17 "O"ring 13×1.9 5  
18 "O"ring 16×2.4 5  
19 Combined cushion 10 10  
20 Combined cushion 14 10  
21 Combined cushion 18 5  
22 Combined cushion 22 2  

Related Names
CNC Driller for Middle Thick Plates | CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine | CNC Steel Plate Boring Machine | CNC Plate Processing Machine

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