Diode Laser Scribing Machine

Diode Laser Scribing Machine

Model: TCS-50D

A diode laser scribing machine is mainly used for scribing and cutting of silicon wafer, silicon solar cell, ceramic wafer and thin sheet metal, etc. Our new generation TCS-50D diode laser scribing machine utilizes semiconductor laser module as the laser source, which allows the machine to offer reliable performance and better laser beam quality than lamp-pumped lasers. It is characterized by its efficient cutting performance, low energy consumption, and compact size. If you are looking for a high performance price ratio laser scribing machine, please try this one. It won't let you down.

More Advantages
1. This diode laser scribing machine offers a high scribing speed of 120mm/s and seldom damage workpieces.
2. Designed with an external water tank, our laser scribing machines have smaller size than YAG laser machines. The land occupation area is reduced by 50%.
3. The pumping source has long service life. Thus, our machine can avoid the problem of frequent lamp changing in comparison with lamp-pumped laser cutting machines.
4. With uniform laser quality, the machine offers efficient and quality cutting performance.
5. This diode laser scribing machine is free of maintenance lifetime.

Technical Specifications of Diode Laser Scribing Machine

Laser source Semiconductor laser
Pumping source Semiconductor Diode Laser
Average laser power 50W
Frequency 0.5 - 50 kHz
Numerical controlled worktable size 300 mm × 300 mm
Scribing speed Max. 120mm/s
Max. scribing thickness 2 mm
Min. laser scribing beam width 0.02 mm
Power supply AC 220V 50-60Hz

Jinan Tianchen is a professional diode laser scribing machine manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including automatic solar module laminating machine, four miter CNC corner crimping machine, wood processing center, aluminum profile tenon milling machine, and many others.

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