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Solar PV Module Equipment

  • Automatic Solar Module Laminating Machine This automatic solar module laminating machine comes with multiple working modes. The upper and lower lamination chambers are both equipped with Teflon varnished cloth which offers extreme temperature resistance and automatic glue-removal functions.
  • Semi-Automatic Solar Module Laminator Using PLC control system and touch screen display, the solar module laminating machine features high working precision and reliable performance.
    Thick heating plate and multipoint temperature control technology are adopted ...
  • Solar Frame Crimping Machine This solar frame crimping machine is designed to assemble an aluminum frame by pressing four aluminum profiles with 45 degrees ends together. It is commonly used for solar module's frame assembly
    Our solar frame crimping machine can assemble an aluminium...
  • Double-Head Aluminum Solar Frame Cutting Machine This double-head aluminum solar frame cutting machine is ideal for cutting off aluminum solar frame and other aluminum profiles.
    The right hand side machine head movement system has a long lead ball screw ...
  • CNC Corner Connector Aluminum Cutting Machine The CNC corner connector aluminum cutting machine is designed with high hardness alloy sawblade and a high power electrical motor, which ensures fast cutting speed and high cutting precision. It is easy for operation, designed based on advanced technology, and convenient for maintenance.
  • Corner Connector Aluminum Cutting Machine The corner connector aluminum cutting machine is easy for operation and convenient for maintenance. Equipped with an OMRON control system, it comes with high automation standard. High hardness alloy cutters are utilized to ensure fast cutting speed and high cutting precision.
  • Four Tools Hydraulic Aluminum Press Machine Our four tools hydraulic aluminum press machine is a machine tool designed for hole-punching on solar panel's framework. It includes four 50kN press machine which can work synchronously or independently. The number of press head is customizable.
  • Glass Washing Drying Machine The glass washing drying machine is designed for cleaning and drying solar glass. It features steady material feeding and efficient cleaning. The glass washing system is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel material, offering long service life.
  • Diode Laser Scribing Machine A diode laser scribing machine is mainly used for scribing and cutting of silicon wafer, silicon solar cell, ceramic wafer and thin sheet metal, etc. Our new generation TCS-50D diode laser scribing machine utilizes semiconductor laser module as the laser source, which allows the machine to offer
  • Solar Cell Tester Our solar cell tester is designed with a vacuum absorption system and automatic probe contact system as well as broad pulse long lifetime xenon lamp. Meanwhile, it comes with a high speed large power electronic load, high speed A/D card, and data acquisition software.
  • Four Position Soldering Worktable This four position soldering worktable has a high quality aluminum alloy structure which ensures high structure strength. The high quality heating material comes with fast temperature rise speed and long service life, which helps ensure the reliable performance of this soldering worktable.
  • Two Position Soldering Worktable The temperature is uniform and adjustable, so the two-position soldering worktable is easy for operation. Meanwhile, it is characterized by its safe power-supply system and is equipped with automatic elevator and a special workpiece-holder to facilitate workpiece transfer and movement.

Jinan Tianchen is an experienced solar PV module equipment manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including glass washing drying machine, solar frame crimping machine, CNC processing center, double-head CNC aluminum cutting machine, wood processing center, and others.

Other Products
  • Single Head Aluminum Cutting MachineCharacterized by easy operation and convenient maintenance, our single head aluminum cutting machine is mainly used for cutting curtain walls. It comes with sawblade made of hard alloy.