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PM220A CNC Pipe Slotting Machine

PM220A CNC Pipe Slotting Machine

1. Our PM220A CNC pipe slotting machine is mainly used in petroleum machinery manufacture industry to make slots on petroleum screen pipes.
2. Automatic pipe processing can be fulfilled once the machining parameters are input into the control panel. It is convenient and simple to do the programming and operation.
3. Multiple tools in the machine can work simultaneously, making the manufacturing efficiency very high. Apart from high working efficiency, our pipe making machine is of low running cost.
4. As a sort of flexible cutting system, our CNC pipe slotting machine is suitable for batch production in various scales. It can replace laser cutting equipment or equipment adopting other cutting technologies.

This CNC pipe slotting machine is mainly composed of the base, column, cross beam, headstock, supporting saddle, cooling system, pneumatic system, electrical system, etc.

1. Base
The base of our CNC pipe slotting equipment adopts integrated structure and is processed with ageing treatment. Since it is on which the column and other components are installed, the base with good welding structure and rigidity can effectively ensure the work stability of the whole machine.

2. Column
Our CNC pipe slotting machine has totally three columns to support the cross beam. On each column, there is one roller linear guide way used for guiding the up and down movement of the headstock. The roller linear guide way comes with simple structure and is easy to maintain. In addition, the shock absorbing performance and holding accuracy of the roller linear guide way is better compared with common guide ways.

3. Cross Beam
The cross beam of our CNC pipe slotting machine is installed over the column. There is holding cylinder installed on the cross beam to hold the workpiece tightly in the process of machining. This ensures stability of the workpiece and reduces vibration. Two sets of servo motors and ball screws are used for driving the headstock to move up and down. The two servo motors drive from two sides simultaneously through ball screw. The feed back respond is good with high positioning accuracy. Double side simultaneous driving assures the stable horizontal and vertical movement of the headstock.

4. Headstock
The headstock of our CNC pipe slotting machine is made from cast iron and adopts full gears transmission which is of high transmission efficiency. There are 22 main spindles in the headstock and each spindle has one machining tool. Rotating direction of every two adjacent spindles are reverse, therefore the longitudinal cutting resistance in the process of machining can be counteracted. The power for headstock is transmitted by gears and then is input by two frequency conversion motors. It is convenient to adjust the spindle’s rpm using frequency conversion motor. There is one cooling nozzle installed on every spindle to cool the tools while machining. Sufficient cooling can effectively improve the tools’ lifespan.

5. Supporting Saddle
The supporting saddle which is in V shape structure is used for supporting the workpiece steadily. It can be adjusted if the work piece’s diameter varies a lot, so as to ensure enough work capacity. The supporting saddle has swing angle function and the angel fluctuation is 6°. This makes machining easier when the workpiece has narrow top and wide bottom. Accordingly, there is auxiliary supporting saddle in the front and rear parts of the main machine to facilitate feeding the workpiece along the longitudinal direction.

6. Cooling System
The cooling system of our CNC pipe slotting machine uses centrifugal pump to supply water for cooling the tools. The coolant can be recycled. Sufficient cooling can improve the tool’s service life effectively.

7. Pneumatic System
The pneumatic system is used for holding the workpiece and controlling the angle swing fluctuation of the supporting saddle.

8. Electrical System
The CNC system of petroleum screen pipe cutting machine adopts PLC and upper computer. The operation can be easily fulfilled through the touch screen, facilitating setting, saving, displaying and communication of program. Through the operating interface, man-machine interaction, error compensation, automatic warning function and the function of previewing the machining process before running can be achieved.

Key components, such as roller linear guide way, precise ball screw, servo motor, servo driver and PLC are all from world-famous manufacturers. Therefore, our CNC pipe slotting machine is reliable and its performance can be as good as those high-end world famous machines.

Main Specifications
Name Item Parameter
Work range Steel pipe diameter φ70-φ220mm
Headstock Spindle quantity 22
Spindle jumpiness ≤0.1mm
Spindle centerline distance 152.4mm
Max. diameter of slotting tool φ75mm
Tool width 0.25-5mm
Spindle rpm 100-1200r/min
Spindle motor power 2×11kW
Headstock’s up and down movement distance 200mm
Servo motor power/torque of Z axis 2×1kW
Max. moving speed 8m/min
Pneumatic system System pressure >0.5Mpa
Cooling system Cooling way Outside cooling
Cooling pump capacity 200L/min
Cooling pump motor power 2×0.45kW
Electrical system CNC system PLC
CNC axis 2
Motor total power About 25kW
Overall size L×W×H About 5.4×2.8×1.9m
Weight About 15t

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