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PSH Vertical Horizontal Parking System

Operation Principle
The PSH vertical horizontal parking system is divided into three-layer and multilayer systems. The system can make up-down or left-right movement with its pallet at each parking space. The top pallet can only make up-down movement and the ground floor pallet can only make left-right movement while the middle pallet can make both up-down and left-right movement. Between the middle and ground floor, there is a spare parking space. Its position can be changed through horizontal shift of its pallet when the top and middle pallets needs going down to make sure that cars go in and out of the parking space. Cars on the ground pallet can be parked directly.

1. In order to be adapted to various grounds, the vertical horizontal parking system has lots of types and dimensions for saving space, thus especially suitable for office buildings, residential areas and reconstruction of underground garages.
2. Both combining and modular installation are possible, making the system meet all kinds of requirement.
3. PLC intelligent control system allows it to fulfill varied requirement of different clients.
4. The system features low cost, high quality and safety, easy operation, convenient and quick parking.

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