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Automatic Parking System

  • PCS Speedy Car Parking SystemThe system, occupying less space, has high capacity to park more than 40 cars in 50 square meters.
    Equipped with tension and frequency converter, the system is characterized by stable operation, high security, easy maintenance and convenient management.
  • PJS Multilayer Easy Parking System Built in simple structure, the multilayer easy parking system is the most economical parking system, thus suitable for family and small company.
    It is operated by pushing buttons and controlled by PLC.
  • PPY Best Series Automated Car Parking System The system combines beautiful appearance and high efficiency configuration.
    Divided into lengthways and thwartwise modes, the system allows the simultaneous movement of more than two cars.
  • PSH Vertical Horizontal Parking System In order to be adapted to various grounds, the vertical horizontal parking system has lots of types and dimensions for saving space, thus especially suitable for office buildings, residential areas and reconstruction of underground garages.
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