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PJSY 2 Layer Automatic Car Parking System

Working Principle
This PJSY 2 Layer Automatic Car Parking System adopts hydraulic transmission. The hydraulic pump makes use of the high-pressure oil to drive the hydraulic cylinder and promote the pallet to ascend or descend. Then car storage and retrieval can be achieved through the movement of the pallet. When the pallet ascends to the parking position on the ground, the cars can be driven in or out.

1. Our 2 layer automatic car parking system is easy to install and operate. Cars can be stored conveniently and safely.
2. This hydraulic-drive automated parking equipment is space saving and produces ultra-low noise when working.
3. It is designed with beautiful and fashionable appearance.
4. Our automatic vehicle storage and retrieval system is suitable for both domestic use and public use.

Main Technical Parameters
Equipment size (mm) Length 6000
Width 2500
Height ≤3400
Suitable car type D type
Car parking capacity 2 cars/unit
Lifting and descending time of pallet Lifting: about 65s; Descending: about 15s
Driving device Transmission mode Hydraulic
Power supply 380V or 220V, 50Hz
Motor power 1.5kW
Operation mode Switch
Noise ≤60dB
Feedback Form
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