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PCS Vertically Moving Automatic Car Parking System

Working Principle
Our PCS vertically moving automatic car parking system, also called tower parking system, is a highly automated three-dimensional parking system. This system uses lifting mechanism to lift or lower the car or pallet to the designated storey. Then a special device on the lifter will carry the cars or pallets in and out to achieve car storage and retrieval.

1. This vertically moving automatic car parking system takes up little space and is able to make full use of the available space. It allows more than 40 cars to be parked in a space of 50m2.

2. It comes with the advantage of high automation, low electricity consumption, low noise and efficient parking.

3. Using variable-frequency speed regulating technology, this automated car storage and retrieval system works stably and safely. It is easy to operate and maintain.

4. The exterior wall can be made of steel structure or concrete with a novel appearance.

5. Enclosed management offers perfect protection to the cars. It keeps the cars safe and prevents them from being stolen.

6. Various automatic testing systems and guiding systems perfectly reflect the application effects of modern technology.

7. Our vertically moving automatic car parking system is appropriate for bustling downtown and area with high land value.

Technical Parameters
Style Frontal in & out (built internally or externally)
Car parking capacity 12-50 cars
Equipment size (mm) Length 6900 7200
Width 6900 7200
Suitable car type D type T type
Lifting Motor power 11kW~37kW
Speed 60~120m/min
Horizontal movement Motor power 0.75kW
Speed 20m/min
Rotating Motor power 1.5kW
Speed 3.0rpm
Logical control PLC
Speed control Vector frequency converter
Operation mode Touch screen, IC card
Power supply 3-phase, 5-wire, 380V, 50Hz

PCS Car Parking System in Russia

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