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PXD Automatic Car Stacking System

Working Principle
Our PXD automatic car stacking system uses a stacker crane or bridge crane to move the cars in the carrier to the designated parking space horizontally or vertically. Then cars will be stored or retrieved orderly with the storing and retrieving device.

1. In this automatic car parking facility, lifting and horizontal movement can be performed simultaneously, increasing the car parking and retrieving efficiency.
2. The parking space is made of concrete slab or steel structure. This guarantees the safety of the underground parking space and makes parking management convenient.
3. Our automatic car stacking system makes full use of the underground space and is able to offer lots of parking spaces.
4. This automated stacking car parking equipment can be managed through a computer. The manager can easily monitor the operation condition of the equipment comprehensively.

Steel structure (concrete structure)
Pallet (carrying board)
Turning system
Control system
Safeguard system

Main Technical Parameters of Automatic Car Stacking System
Style Longitudinal style
Suitable car type D, Z and X type
Car parking capacity 80~120 cars
Lifting Motor power 11~22kW
Speed 40~60m/min
Horizontal movement Motor power 1.5kW
Speed 20~40m/min
Rotating Motor power 1.5kW
Rotating speed 3.0r/min
Logical control PLC
Speed control Vector frequency converter
Operation mode Touch screen, IC card
Power supply 3-phase, 5-wire, 380V, 50Hz

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