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Jinan Tianchen Aluminum Machine Company Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Jinan Tianchen Group, a well-known enterprise in Shandong Province, China. As a worldwide manufacturer of outstanding aluminum window machining equipment, we offer a wide selection including our aluminum cutting machine, aluminum milling machine, Aluminum Corner Crimping Machine, wood processing center, and solar PV module equipment, to name a few.

Jinan Tianchen Company was founded in 1997, and has grown much in the past decade and a half. We are located in the Jinan High and New-Tech Development Zone, our company covers an area of approximately 70,000 square meters with a building area of approximately 50,000 square meters, our total assets are 0.5 billion CNY, we employ over 1500 staff members, and we have an annual sales revenue of approximately one billion CNY.

As a state-of-the-art enterprise that integrates the best equipment research, development, manufacturing, and sales, the name Jinan Tianchen has become synonymous with excellence in the window, door, and curtain wall processing equipment field. We possess a comprehensive sales network and offer a complete range of products, including our CNC aluminum cutting machine, aluminum door window end milling machine, corner crimping machine, aluminum profile tenon milling machine, aluminum module laminating machine, aluminum solar frame cutting equipment, and other superior products. We are one of the largest research bases and production centers of fine quality aluminum window, door, and curtain wall processing equipment.

Jinan Tianchen is a world famous brand in the industry. As early as 1999, we were named an "Advanced Enterprise" in the Chemical Building Materials Industry, and our products have also been recognized as a Key Technical Achievement Item by MOHURD. Through continuous innovation and improvement, we are always top ranked in our industry. Furthermore, we became the first Chinese manufacturer to acquire technical patents for our aluminum window, door, and curtain wall machine tools. We at Jinan Tianchen have gained many honors, including High and New Tech Enterprise in Shandong Province, Excellent Private Enterprise in Shandong Province, Excellent Private Enterprise in China, Famous Trademark in Shandong Province, and more. We are also ISO9001:2000 certified, and our processing equipment is CE certified. In addition, we have independent import and export rights.

Currently, our Jinan Tianchen aluminum cutting machine, milling machine, drilling machine, and other superior products are extensively used by over 7,000 aluminum window and door manufacturers in China, and in over one hundred Chinese aluminum curtain wall manufacturers. Our products are also popular in over sixty countries, including the United States, Russia, Korea, Belgium, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, UAE, South Africa, France, Greece, Italy, India, Egypt, Angola, and Slovakia, and other countries around the globe.

In the past decade we have achieved a large production capability. Through the use of our advanced gantry milling machine, CNC processing center, and other specialized processing and production equipment, we are able to guarantee our product quality while increasing production. Additionally, we have established an equipment research institute to conduct technical research and product development, enabling us to achieve timely product upgrades and broaden our product line. For more information about Jinan Tianchen, please feel free to contact us or visit us directly. We welcome your inquiries.

Main Products
  • Double-Head CNC Aluminum Cutting Machine Engineered with follow-up saw protection shield, the aluminum machining equipment provides safe and clean working environment.
    Manufactured with movable material-supporting bracket ...